Hypnosis is a famous method that can help people get rid of all sorts of bad habits. With this method, you can lose weight without risk and frustration, change some of your eating habits and your relationship with food. But how does the process work?

Is this solution effective? Does it make the balance needle tip the right way? One-third of patients manage to decondition themselves almost instantly using Weight Loss Hypnosis.

How does hypnosis work?

Even if a person has never tried hypnosis, they probably know this method involves immersing the patient in artificial sleep caused by suggestion. During a session, the patient is lying and rocked by the sounds and the voice of the practitioner who encourages the person to relax and fall a sleep.

The function of hypnosis to lose weight is the same as that of conventional hypnosis: the hypnotist plunges the patient into a state of modified consciousness and deep relaxation. The goal is to make him or her communicate with the subconscious part of their brain to set up new automatisms. When the person is in a state of hypnosis, the professional can help them change their behavior and relationship to food. For example, the practitioner can make the person indifferent to fatty and low-calorie foods or attract more to vegetables and fruits.

If the person considers a candy as a reward, the practitioner can also change that way of thinking. During a hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist will work with the patient on the various behaviors that make people lose weight: stop snacking, increase physical activity, feeling full quicker, etc. Note: hypnosis itself does not help people lose weight, but it helps the patient to change some of his or her habits.

Gaining new impulses with hypnosis

As stated, new behaviors can be adopted with the help of hypnosis. When people are face-to-face with unhealthy foods, it is often tough for them to resist. Thanks to Self Hypnosis, it will no longer be a question of fighting against this desire, but of placing the food in the “forgetfulness” box of the brain.

As a result, the desire will disappear. The person’s compulsive cravings may also be limited with hypnosis.